Water Watcher

Fosse WaterWatcher

Fosse provides access to Fosse WaterWatcher which replaces the need for pencil and paper in your traditional log book recording.

Fosse WaterWatcher

Once you are logged in to fossewaterwatcher.co.uk your company can access a dedicated data store to create and view reports, graph test results, controller data and access product safety information etc. Access is tailored to the needs of each individual logging on to the site avoiding any confusion or confidentiality issues. The electronic log book facility tracks all information entered beyond draft level.

Main Features

  • No software needs to be downloaded
  • Updates and new features appear automatically
  • Icon-based navigation system for easy use
  • Fully customised site presentation and data
  • Easily access up-to-date MSDS and Product Data Sheets
  • Access a library of training materials
  • Data logs / comparison facility
  • Product usage review facility
  • Alarm notifications facility by SMS, PDA, or email address
  • Online reporting