Water treatment services


FOSSE WATER TREATMENT LTD provides a comprehensive range of dosage equipment and pre-treatment plant for any application/ water system.

Our Equipment

There are many different methods and systems to change water quality and we highlight some of the most common:

  • Pre-Treatment Plant

    Base Exchange Softening

    This apparatus consists of two parts, a softening vessel containing the ion exchange material and a brine system, and is primarily used to prevent scaling on heat transfer surfaces which, left untreated, would reduce efficiency and increase fuel costs.

    The removal of calcium and magnesium from the incoming water minimises the scaling potential of the water being used and can also reduce detergent usage by up to 75% which in certain applications will dramatically reduce running costs.

    Reverse Osmosis

    The reverse osmosis technique provides a process which can produce potable water from a brackish source yet is non-polluting and of low energy demand.

    It employs a semi-permeable membrane under the influence of pressure from a larger proportion of water ( the solvent) which passes through the membrane leaving behind the dissolved salts and/ or organic molecules (the solutes).

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  • Dosage & Control

    In order to achieve effective application of the treatment regime FOSSE WATER TREATMENT LTD has a vast range of dosage equipment at our disposal, from the most basic of application to remotely monitored systems, all at competitive prices.

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